Thursday, 23 September 2010

Leigh-on Sea

Leigh-on Sea a civil parish, administered by Southend on Sea. It's history goes back to the Domesday book, named as Legra and called a one horse town. During my life its been known as a fishing village
famed for it's sea food which is eatern in the sheds along the sea front. Alas now days they are a bit more refined and lost a lot of there old character. It still has a unique charm. The channel is now silted up, given the sun shining on the mud. It takes some time for the sea to cover it

Monday, 6 September 2010

Leigh on Sea

On a visit to my brother, we met at little sea side resort of Leigh on Sea, famous to Londoners for it's Cockles, Wilkes and Prawns. There fresh from the sea (or mud when the tide is out) you either like them opr you don't. I do my brother hates them. While walking around after eating a prawn sandwitch
 I took the above photo of a group of children with mum seated eating their lunch. Next to them a tramp
having a sllep in a bus shelter. The image itself seemed a bit flate so I posterized it with photoshop. Posterization years ago took hours using darkroom techniques now in a matter of a minute you can see your separtions